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To Call Me You

Art and Design


Considered one of China’s most influential designers, Les Suen’s work aims to reconstruct objects and ideas, hoping to challenge traditional concepts and make us consider our approach to them.

In this work, Suen uses the door to represent home, believing that no matter how grand or famous, it can never compare to the feeling of opening your own front door.

Interpreting the meaning of home, To Call Me You comprises a structure of folding screens that combine fence and door panels. The fence-like nature of the screens adds a sense of boundary and security to the space, as felt in the home.

Suen brings to our attention something which is often forgotten. This everyday object is made into something beautiful, and given long overdue recognition.

To Call Me You is part of the ‘Home’ exhibition as the Twin Villas 796 Huai Hai Road, Shanghai, as part of the third anniversary celebrations of the Shanghai Home of Alfred Dunhill.