Leather Care

The current collections represent the embodiment of this craftsmanship, heritage and expertise. Made to the very highest quality, Alfred Dunhill leather pieces are unique, beautifully designed and superbly executed.

Leather is a natural product, and this means that it requires care and attention over time. Different leathers require different types of care, which we explain below, range by range.

dunhill accepts no liability for damage, defects or scratches caused by fair wear or tear, accident or misuse and repairs by persons other than dunhill authorised repair specialists.

Leather Guarantee
dunhill do not officially offer a guarantee on our leather goods, as they are made from natural products, however, we do stand by the quality of our manufacture. Therefore, should there be any defect of manufacture, such as failure of the hardware - the lock, shoulder strap attachments and so on - we will of course rectify the matter free of charge within the first 2 years of purchase.
Service Procedures
Due to the diverse nature of leather repairs, we have no standard services and all repairs will require an estimate. However, we do follow certain standard practices when carrying out a repair. We ensure all re stitching uses the original stitch holes, to avoid future damage to the product. We will only use original hardware - the lock, shoulder strap attachments and other metal fittings. We will only use creams and polishes recommended by the relevant tanneries.