Menswear Care

dunhill do not officially offer a guarantee on our menswear items, as they are made from natural products, however, we do stand by the quality of our manufacture. Therefore, should there be any defect of manufacture, we will of course try to rectify the matter.

Damage and/or defects caused by fair wear and tear, accidents, use which is unreasonable or inconsistent with dunhill’s instructions, dismantling, or repair by persons other than authorised dunhill repair specialists, or the use of components or accessories other than those recommended by dunhill, are not covered by this gesture.

Care of Fabric

It is always necessary to follow any special instruction on the label, e.g. wash separately, wash inside out etc. dunhill clothing is made from fine cloths that offer a good handle, luxurious feel, superb appearance but they are not necessarily hard-wearing and as a result they need to be look after and cared for. Fabrics can have special finishes that demand special care; the same fabric may even require different treatment depending on the type of clothing.

It is important to only buy clothes that are the correct size and correct fit Jackets, coats and trousers should be stored on hangers of correct size and shape and with enough space to breathe and recover.

Never store airyate garments when damp and ensure that wool and cashmere are protected from moths.

Garments should not be worn every day but allowed to rest and recover.

Pockets should not be filled excessively to avoid distortion and destroy balance.

Jackets, coats, trousers, etc. should be brushed regularly with a clothes brush.

Avoid heavy soiling.

Always check and follow care instructions on garments.

Always use specialist cleaners.

Clothing labels often depict different symbols. These symbols have different meanings. There is a list of washing instructions in the area below.

Product Services

There are no set services for menswear. It is very much on a case by case basis. Therefore it is necessary to bring the item of clothing into the store for appraisal first.