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Alfred Dunhill has always been committed to advancing the pursuit of luxury for men through exceptional services since 1893.


Through his innovation, Alfred Dunhill was able to create the finest quality products in both design and function. These values are preserved by the brand’s employees who continue to tell the dunhill story. Alfred Dunhill Limited is part of Richemont, one of the world’s leading luxury goods groups. A global company, dunhill proudly employs over 1,000 people worldwide, in a wide variety of professions.

Jobs In Retail

Our first store was opened in London in 1893 with expansion into Paris and New York in the early 1920’s. At this point, our stores were known as “the most luxuriously appointed, luxury emporiums for men”.  Our network has expanded throughout the 20th century with significant store openings in Hong Kong and Tokyo in the early 1960s and China in the 1990s. Now, with stores across the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we are a truly global brand, and you would be joining a retail team that prides itself on offering an exceptional experience wherever in the world our clients choose to shop.

Craftsmen & Artisans

At the heart of Alfred Dunhill's heritage and future vision lies the bespoke suit. In our Homes, the in-house tailor represents the best of the Savile Row tradition, translating it into a personal service for our clients. Our Global teams confidently embody Alfred Dunhill Made-to-Measure and Bespoke, always delivering a flawless service.
Alfred Dunhill first joined his father’s saddlery business as a leather apprentice at the age of 15. It was here that he was able to acquaint himself with the art of leather craftsmanship, learning techniques employed by our artisans today to create our exclusive range of ‘Made for You’ pieces.
At this time, even though motoring was in its early days, it was clear that it was to take the place of horses and so the appeal for saddlery. Alfred’s focus shifted from his father’s realm to motoring and its amenities, his first innovative shift, which would help define the brand.
These were to be sold alongside his smoking range, “the best pipes in the world”, which were manufactured in his London workshop. The addition of a white spot on the mouthpiece of the pipes to indicate which side was the top became synonymous with dunhill. Today, pipes from the White Spot Company, constructed in our longstanding Walthamstow Factory, are still widely considered to be the world leader.

Leadership in development

Our global head office is situated in the heart of central London with all the necessary departments (Design, Communications, Finance, etc) to run a multinational luxury business. Each of our global regions has their own office, allowing them to manage their business locally and implement the central strategy effectively.

The Future

We are looking for talented people who have commitment, drive and a strong commercial focus: they will thrive and develop their career in a creative environment that encourages innovative thinking. APPLY HERE View our profile on Linkedin