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Rally Nippon 2016 in Taiwan

This year’s world-famous four-day classic car rally relocated from Japan to the beautiful island of Taiwan. On the 10th-13th November over seventy vintage cars tackled the 1110 km route through neon-lit metropoles and rolling autumnal landscapes, starting and finishing in the ancient city of Taipei.

December 30 / 2015
dunhill has sponsored the Rally Nippon since its inception in 2008, which traditionally takes place in Japan. Following the devastating Tōhoku earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, the Taiwanese were first to offer humanitarian support to the people of Japan. Honouring the special relationship between Japan and Taiwan, this is the second time the Rally has visited Taiwan following 2013. This year’s trying yet beautiful course passed through through many of Taiwan’s most notable landmarks; the Chei Mei private art and antiquities museum in Tainan, the Taoyuan Martyrs' Shrine atop Hutou Mountain, Taipei’s port-side Xia Hai Temple, and the dramatic Shihtiping Scenic Area, famous for its special sea terrain of wave-cut rock formations, uplifted coral reefs, and coastal cliffs. Against these striking and unique backdrops, the competing vintage automobiles are original models made before 31st December 1974, as per the Rally’s entry guidelines.
dunhill’s rich history of motoring has seen the brand support, celebrate and participate in some of the most notable vintage car rallies in the world, including The Flying Scotsman Rally. Since dunhill’s original Motorities collection launched at the turn of the last century, the brand has equipped gentlemen drivers for an adventurous and elegant life behind the wheel.