Introducing the ‘Alfred Dunhill’ Case of Delights, a beautifully-constructed curation of items to indulge your pleasures. The case is a fervent celebration of dunhill’s legacy in leather, case-making and true luxury – an object of rich inspiration where excellence, heritage and hedonism meet. Where craftsmanship and elegance, values intrinsic to the House, converge to extravagant effect.

Leveraging our unique heritage and archive, uncompromising quality that lasts is ensured – echoing the pioneering spirit of House founder, Alfred Dunhill. Integral values of innovation and contemporaneity have always been a part of what we do – from foundation to present day.

An innovative legacy of products such as travel sets, beautiful picnic hampers and compendiums inspired the Case of Delights. The pieces selected and their manner of presentation are the epitome of style, purpose and personal luxury.

A nod to dunhill’s 130-year history and harness-making origins, a very special attaché case is hand-crafted in English bridle leather. It conceals an enviable range of exquisite items to indulge in: from a galvanised black iteration of the iconic Rollagas lighter to a sterling silver-plated flask and handmade shot glasses in smoked grey mineral glass. Hedonistic pleasures discreetly held within a symbol of British formality.

The ‘Alfred Dunhill’ Case of Delights is a showcase of disciplines, the many facets of dunhill craftsmanship and of gentlemanly pursuits.
Inside, revelry awaits.

The Rollagas lighter, an icon of dunhill engineering. This one-of-a-kind galvanised lighter in black features an understated barley pattern. Designed in London and made in Switzerland by specialist makers, it bears the historic ‘Bando’ mark – referencing Matteo Cellini, a specialist maker of gold and silver accessories for the House in the 1930s. This distinctive motif is present across various items within the case.

In the world of smoking and smoking accessories, we have created some very special pieces in our dedicated London workshop, exclusively for the Case of Delights: a black shell briar pipe, stainless steel tamper and cigar cutter.

There is also a handmade cigar case and elegant ashtray with a hole for burning incense. The incense case itself is offered in beautiful black bridle leather, echoing the attaché case.

A beautiful pair of scissors can have many uses, ours are engineered from stainless steel by our Walthamstow craftsmen – housed in a sleeve of black bridle leather.

Container cases, built to secure whatever you desire, are inspired by dunhill archival designs and crafted in Italy by specialist artisan makers.

For sophisticated relaxation and pleasure, a pair of handmade shot glasses in smoked grey glass are offered. For a suitably masculine alternative to the ornate swigging of a shot glass, we present a Made in England hip flask that imbues timeless British style.

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