“Dogs make easy, uncomplaining targets without the self-conscious hang-ups and possible objections of humans caught on film.”

Elliott Erwitt

The fourth instalment of dunhill Community: Curated celebrates photographer Elliott Erwitt’s Dogs, a book that pays tribute to man’s best friend in a series of funny, instinctive and endearing shots. An icon of 21st Century photography, Erwitt’s natural affinity for his subjects is obvious and his work provides a truly original reflection of the ancient bond that humans and dogs share.

“I don’t know of any other animals closer to us in qualities of heart, sentiment and loyalty.”

Elliott Erwitt

A French-born American documentary and advertising photographer, Elliott is most notable for his black and white shots of ironic, absurd and candid moments within everyday situations. He has been a member of iconic photographic agency Magnum Photos since 1954.

Elliott Erwitt’s Dogs was published by Teneues publishing
All photos courtesy of Magnum Photos and Elliott Erwitt