Introducing a very special capsule from the House of dunhill, crafted from Vicuña — the coveted fine wool of a small camelid that roams the South American Andes. Its super-soft, rarefied hair fibres are ten times lighter than cashmere and exceptionally warm. The Vicuña itself can only be sheared every two to three years and each animal only produces a small amount of wool.


At the height of their prominence in South America — from the thirteenth to the early sixteenth century — the Incas prized this precious product above any other, reserving the privilege of wearing it to Incan royalty. They called it the wool of the gods. At this time, millions of Vicuña ran free in the high Andean region of Peru.

During the 1960s, the Peruvian government began taking steps to protect this mystical animal. With the implementation of strict conservation guidelines and the creation of dedicated reserves, the Vicuña would be free to wonder plains and mountain ranges. The Vicuña is the national animal of Peru.


Featuring an exquisitely-made top coat, blazer, blouson and zip-through knit in a deep brown hue, select dunhill pieces are to be crafted from this coveted, hand-woven material. The yarn reaches 2 microns, making it one of the world’s thinnest animal fibres. This fineness makes it react easily to any chemical treatment. For this reason, and to ensure a natural finish to such an elevated material, the wool is maintained in original shades as much as possible.

In order to maintain the natural colour and authenticity, each maker combs and separates the Vicuña fibres into very specific, completely undyed colour batches before they begin twisting and weaving. This ensures the wearer will never experience fading or tonal changes to their garment. Exclusive, elegant and extraordinary, this new Vicuña capsule collection from dunhill promises something truly luxurious, truly inspiring.


The pinnacle of luxurious cold weather elegance, this single-breasted top coat is made in Italy by specialist makers. Taking care to preserve the beautiful, naturalistic Vicuña construction, each piece is lined in wear-resistant cupro silk.


The tailoring excellence and enduring style of the House is reflected here in the most exquisite of blazers. Also Made in Italy, the handmade signature details perfectly complement this rarefied jacket option. Cut to our classic Belgravia silhouette.


An ultra-refined take on the classic Harrington — crafted from Vicuña, of course, in a natural shade of brown treated with in a protective water-repellent membrane. Suede detailing, a silk lining and an engineered two-way zip adds to the elevation.


Knitwear at this level needn’t be seen as simply an essential. Constructed from a beautifully light layer of 7 gauge Vicuña jersey, this relaxed zip-through is the epitome of quiet luxury. Finished in style with considered rib details and silver hardware.

Vicuña is exclusively available through our Bespoke service.